There are 315.000 vegans in Spain and we want to help you connect with your potential customers.

Together we will demonstrate that there are hundreds of alternatives without animal suffering.


100% VEGAN

Animal suffering can never be ethical or sustainable and that is why we assure our users that all our brands are 100% vegan or have a vegan product line.


We are well aware that you face many difficulties to keep your project alive and we don't want to be one more. On the contrary, we want to help you grow and reach more people.


Now it will be easier than ever for your potential customers to find you. If you have a vegan brand, you can't miss out on the only vegan fashion site that exists!


The directory will allow users to filter all brands by type of garment, place of manufacture, physical location if any and other filters in terms of sustainability. Each brand has its own profile site with images, description and links to web and social media.




Monthly plan, you can unsubscribe whenever you want!
7,99 /month
  • Profile brand
  • Direct link to web
  • Direct link to social media
  • No permanency
  • Instagram post


Become premium and appear in the first results without permanence.
11,99 /mes
  • Profile brand
  • Direct link to web
  • Direct link to social media
  • No permanency
  • Instagram post
  • Appear in first results


Why should I join this directory?

The purpose of My Vegan Closet is to bring awareness about the exploitation of animals in fashion and help people find vegan brands. Ever since we were born on Instagram in December 2022, people have only confirmed what we already knew: they need this! There are multiple ethical alternatives but people don’t want to waste time searching on the internet. They need a place to go to find vegan options when needed and that’s My Vegan Closet. We have the experience, conviction and determination to create the first vegan fashion directory and reach everyone and this makes us unstoppable.

Why do we give 6 months free?

Although we believe that the price of joining our directory is very affordable, we are aware that it is something new and we want to reward the brands that decide to trust us and our service by giving them the opportunity to try it for a real time at no cost.

Can I unsubscribe whenever I want?

During the 6 month free period, yes. Then it depends on the plan once contracted. The Rabbit and Cow Plans are monthly plans where you can unsubscribe at any time before the beginning of the next month. However, the Sheep Plan is an annual plan and has a 1 year permanence so you can unsubscribe before the beginning of the following year. In exchange you can enjoy a more economical price.

What does the directory brand profile look like exactly?

Each brand has its own page with a featured image and 6 other images that you can choose to show your products, store or whatever you prefer as well as links to your website and social media profiles so users can go directly to your store. It also includes a description telling the story of the brand, the products you offer and everything you want. Finally, there is also a section where you can quickly see some concepts such as the types of garments you offer, the location if there is a physical store and place of origin and manufacture.

What filters does the directory include?

Our users will be able to use different filters to find your brand such as type of garment, location of physical store (if any), if you are a 100% vegan brand or not, place of manufacture or certificates. We will be able to include more filters according to the needs we see from the users.

Can I choose the images and text for my brand profile?

Of course you can! You can send us the images of your choice and you can update them whenever you want to show new products or if you have new images. As for the description, there are two options. You can write it yourself or we can do it gathering information from your website. In any case, we will send you the link before publishing it in case you want to make any changes.

What does the welcome post on Instagram include?

We periodically publish a multiple post on Instagram to announce the welcome of new brands to the directory and introduce you to our audience.

What does it mean to appear in the first results?

When a user filters our directory by a category, the results of all brands matching that filter will be displayed. If you have the Cow Plan, your brand will appear in the first results as featured. If you want no one to miss you, sign up for this plan!

Vanesa en Veganagal
Silvia dando charla en Veganagal


Behind My Vegan Closet there are two sisters, Vanesa and Silvia. Each one of us has taken a different path to veganism but always accompanied by each other, sharing, debating and learning.


The older sister (46), vegan for 8 years and a doctor by profession. The original idea for this project was born from her need to find vegan clothing brands.


The youngest (37), vegan for 2 years and an expert in digital marketing. Tired of working for others, she decided to bet and launch this project aligned with her values.

My Vegan Closet was born with the strong purpose of connecting vegan fashion brands and their potential customers, raising consumer awareness of the importance of ethical fashion and encouraging change in consumption. We encourage you to be part of this adventure with us and help us to achieve an increasingly vegan world.


My Vegan Closet is responsible for the processing of your data in order to send you communications with news about our services only if you check the box provided for this purpose. You have the right of access, rectification and deletion to the treatment and portability. You can exercise your rights at See our Cookies Policy and Privacy Policy